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Re: latest post regarding the recent workshop.  Thanks for taking the time to send in the post. The pleasure was all ours believe me. We probably would have liked a little more time to use the session to work on tuning and style. The flutes we were playing are not strictly B Flat and have been modified and lengthened in an effort to blend in with pipes and brass. This has come about through experimenting and playing through the Londonderry Bands Forum in events like the Walled City Tattoo with other bands in the forum or differing genres. Hope we get a chance to collaborate again when you are next here. The earlier look at the music this year was a definite help and we deliberately targeted the marches which are natural and left ourselves a bit of a challenge with the other two pieces. Best wishes for now and good luck in your future playing. Derek Moore WKMFB/ LBF

Derek Moore, 19/06/2018

Been a long time admirer of the Kings and have noticed in clips recently that the face of the bass drummer had been missing. Only heard that the Big Man had a bad operation last year. Glad to see him back last night in Limavady he is without a doubt the best ive ever watched. Please pass on my best wishes to him and good luck to you all during the marching season

Mervyn Simpson , 02/06/2018

Thanks for a great weekend on the 2018 Somme trip. Friday evening at menin gate you were awesome as indeed your band was throughout the trip. It was an honour to be part of it.

william fenton, 10/05/2018

Hi Guys, I’m an instructor in the United States Royal mairnes bugle Drum core and we are based in Florida west, the reason for my messages, I was in Derry for the St Patrick celebrations and came across the band as I was on the old Derry walls, I am currently in Dublin Airport heading home to the US, and had to leave a message I was blowing Away by the expertise of the band on parade, I thought it was strange that a British Military band would be in Derry, until I asked our local tour guide and he explained that you guys are part time and are from the Loyalist community of the city, you guys are something else really blew me away with the fife playing and expertise of the Drum corps, hats off. you guys impressed this American tourist. Keep up the good work.

Petty Officer Dwayne Wilson, 20/03/2018

hi guys not sure if this page is still live, but I am a member of Ballygowan concert flute band Co.Down and we stayed after our performance on Saturday at the Churchill contest to listen to the melody section, I have to say I was flabbergasted at the result and no disrespected to the winners but that was a shambolic result, I had yourself and Ballinran a close 1st and 2nd, but I would say the set you played was not the most entertaining and boring at times but the standard of playing and tuning was second to none, maybe a new set and some more exciting music would stop giving any judge the chance to mark you down, as I would say like my own band sometimes our name goes before us and at any opportunity a judge will mark us extremely harsh, oh and anytime the piccolo player is free he is more than welcome to join us.(worth a try Ally)

Darren Canmore, 22/11/2017

Alright lads, I just watched the clips from the shankills contest and i wanted to say that the band sounded outstanding and I loved the chasing cars arrangement. I've been out of the band scene for about 2 years now and miss it but i don't know if I'll be back but if Aly ever decides to retire you know where I am haha. Also I would like to thank everyone for letting me guest with the band on several occasions indoors and out, once you play with the King's you never want to play with any other band and I haven't. All the best in the future lads.

Nathan Lyttle, 22/10/2016

A massive Thank You from Omagh True Blues for bringing the band to our annual once again, For bandsmen and spectators the William King are the highlight of the parade, the entire band was superb, confidence and power from front to back, Many Thanks Geoff Mosgrove

Geoff Mosgrove, 06/04/2016

First parade I attended this year was in Omagh on Friday night and being from Belfast I don't see WKMFB on the road that often and the band didn't disappoint, from front to back first class. Drum Major is top class and easy to tell he has a military background. Flute corps is something else I don't think any band military or civilian could even touch, only one negative the sound of the cymbals are very dull. I look forward to seeing the ''kings'' on the road in 2016.

relentless003, 05/04/2016

The Office Bearers and members of Black Skull (Glasgow) would like to take this opportunity to wish the members of the WKMFB and the Loyalist community of Londonderry a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. All the best for 2016.

William Faulds, 19/12/2015

I would just like to thank the band for the service held for my Uncle in his Home city, my mother loved seeing the pictures of the band turned out so proudly on Facebook, and the letter from Mr Mitchell posted the pervious day brought a tear to her eye. Once again thank you very much for sharing the images and never Forgetting my Uncle. Chris Stott Helenburgh England.

Chris Stott, 24/11/2015
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