Mr Drew Porter  1933 - 2011

Mr Drew Porter sadly passed away during the early hours of Friday 9th September 2011.


Drew was a hugely respected, admired and well known and loved character in band circles throughout the country. A Churchill Flute Band man through and through, Drew was a member of the Churchill since he was 8 years old and was an institution in himself such was the level of respect and high regard he had.

As well as the Churchill, Drew had a massive impact on our own band, the William King Memorial Flute Band. His knowledge, musical ability, dedication, and willingness to teach and pass on his knowledge were incredible. Drew took the band from being an enthusiastic group of young men, to being one of the best and most successful bands in the UK. For all members of the band past and present, it was impossible not to learn from the man during every practice.


Drew was funny, modest, great company, had time for everyone, and always had a smile on his face. He never grumbled or moaned, or felt that he was owed anything. He had the same time for the newest learners to the most experienced members of the band, and took great pride and joy in helping every member of the band play with confidence and to the best of their ability individually and collectively. He instantly commanded huge respect and fondness from anyone who knew him, young or old. 

Below are a few video clips of the wee man in action.

Drew’s infectious enthusiasm for music, attention to detail, and love of flute band music raised the standard for us and all marching bands. Small in stature but a giant of the bands scene, for Drew, the saying that he will have forgotten more about music than most of us will ever learn, certainly applies.



Affectionately referred to as “The Music Man of the Fountain”, he leaves many many fond memories, as well as a long lasting legacy in terms of influence on flute band music in Northern Ireland.

Conducting the band during the History & Culture Day, with well deserved reception

For us as both a band and as a group of individuals, we have lost a great mentor, teacher, influence, and most importantly, a very dear friend. He will never be forgotten, and will always be fondly remembered.